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            The Global Marijuana March of Toronto is a Not for Profit organization developed to host and produce the biggest of nada's Marijuana marches to promote for legalization and the freedom of choice.

            The Global Marijuana March of Toronto is a group of activists, enthusiasts and business owners who want to see nada not only decriminalize marijuana but to regulate and distribute nnabis in the same way that alcohol is regulated and distributed in this country. We do fundraising through assorted projects and events and hope to aquire a variety of sponsorships for the 2007 event to make this the biggest and most empowering Global Marijuana March that nada has ever seen.

            The nadian public has already spoken in support of decriminalizing marijuana yet these laws have not been changed. It's time to stand up and be counted.

            Want to help? On May 5th 2007 come to Queen's Park and be counted. Bring your friends, your family, your politil representive, or talk to your doctor about medil marijuana. Only by standing together n we bring about change.

            Please visit our events page for more exciting details.


            The 2007 Global Marijuana March of Toronto and Toronto Freedom Festival

            Toronto Freedom Festival Map
            Global Marijuana March Route

            The Gobal Marijuana March Route Map


            Click Map to Enlarge





            The 2006 Global Marijuana March of Toronto photo:marihemp network

            The sun was out, the skies were blue, and most everything else was green! 10,000 people gathered in Queen's Park North to celebrate nnabis and throw one amazing party! Visit our media page for links to articles in the world press and check out the photos posted in online photo galleries.


            New! Come view our new photo gallery. Got pics or video of the march or any nnabis Week event? Send them to us.


            The March was the highlight of nnabis Week - a week long series of events and entertainment designed to promote nnabis awareness and edution.

            All the straight dope is here.


            Discover your route to your rights.

            Thanks to all our amazing, astounding, tireless volunteers!

            The GMM Worldwide - links to other happenings around the globe!

            GMM World Events > > > >

            Showse. Saluting boundary pushers everywhere.
            Click here to view the trailer

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